Sexual abuse is a predominant crime that occurs on a daily basis throughout the United States. Sadly, sexual abuse occurs in Old Folks Homes, which may come to a surprise to many. Sexual abuse in a nursing home can not only physically hurt the elder, but it can also leave an emotional trauma imprint on the resident. Sometimes, a resident will not speak out of fear or shame, which are the moments when their loved ones need to recognize signs that may show that they were sexually abused and need their help.

Sexual abuse within these facilities can occur by different people like a third-party guest, and even the nursing staff members. These elder people become victims of the terrible circumstance that they have been placed in. When a sexual abuse occurs to an elder person while they are in the care of the facility, the nursing home can be found responsible for that crime. This is why it is important to research the nursing home that the resident will be placed in before making the decision to place them there. The Best Orlando nursing negligence attorneys at office of Percy Martinez knows how the consequences of sexual abuse to an elder person can end up with fatal results because they are so fragile.

The issue with recognizing signs of any type of abuse is the fact that the nursing home itself might cover it up or blame the injuries on the resident. Performing investigations and reporting suspicions should be the course of action that is taken to ensure that the elder person does not continue suffering this terrible fate. The Orlando team can help remove the elder person from that scenario.

Sexual Abuse Signs in Old Folks’ Home

Sexual abuse can usually be seen in the private parts of the elder person. Sometimes, family members will not look in these areas because they trust that the nursing home is taking care of their loved but, but sadly, it is better to be safe than sorry. Checking the resident’s private areas when something doesn’t seem right can give an indication that they have been sexually abused. Some signs could be the following:

  • Lacerations in the anal or genital areas
  • Bleeding in the anal or genital areas
  • Bruise in the anal or genital areas
  • Discovery of sexually transmitted disease

When any of these signs can be seen, the elder person may have been through a sexual abuse that could have been prevented.

Abuse and Neglect Orlando Nursing Home Attorneys

Sexual abuse in a nursing home can happen for a number of reasons like not performing extensive background checks or not having adequate security to monitor incoming guests. When this happens, not only will the nursing home be legally responsible for the harm, but the individual who committed the act may find themselves paying for punitive damages. The abuse and neglect litigators and personal injury attorneys in Orlando want to acquire all possible damages for these victims.