All too often, relationships go astray. Sometimes those relationships (dating, engagement or marriage) become quite adversarial, and result in intense disagreements or fights, including violence. If that happens, it’s fairly common for a harassment charge to be filed against one or both parties.

Just like any other criminal charge, harassment charges are a very serious offense. If you have been charged with harassment in New Jersey, you should consult with a NJ criminal lawyer for harassment charges.

Harassment is a completely separate charge from assault. Even though some of the criteria for assault may be similar, an individual may be charged with harassment if he or she:

  • Makes (or causes to be made) communication anonymously or at inconvenient hours, using offensive language, or communicating in a manner that is likely to cause annoyance or harm.
  • Subjects another person to striking, kicking, shoving or offensive touching. It also includes threatening to do any of the above.
  • Engages in any course of behavior for the purpose of alarming or seriously annoying the other party.

Harassment charges are very complex. When a person is charged with harassment, the prosecutor and police feel that the conduct is alarming and annoying, and also include prohibited harassment. It can be difficult to determine what the intent of the person is, but that’s certainly a necessary element of a New Jersey harassment case.

Harassment cases are filed when the police/prosecution believe that they can demonstrate the perpetrator acted with the intent or purpose of harassing the victim. Harassment charges are often filed with assault and/or battery charges.

Assault and harassment charges are serious crimes, with severe penalties. If you, or someone you know, has been charged with assault or harassment, you cannot afford to be passive. You need to contact a law firm with experience in criminal defense.

Arrests and charges in New Jersey can be a terrifying experience. A criminal defense attorney can help guide you through the legal system, explain the process, and help you build a solid defense against charges that could very likely carry a jail sentence. With the right criminal defense, you may be able to reduce the charges or even have them dismissed entirely.

Criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey have experience defending clients in a variety of criminal matters, including assault and harassment charges. Whether you are charged with harassment in Princeton or West Windsor, NJ, criminal lawyers can help you move forward, instead of becoming mired in charges and penalties from a relationship gone bad.