It’s not easy to find a criminal defense attorney. The really famous criminal defense attorneys get lots of press, but that doesn’t mean they are good, or even that they are accessible. Many of these attorneys charge big dollars for exclusive clients. What do “real people” do to find criminal attorney?

If you are looking for New Jersey criminal lawyers, you need to start by examining the lawyer and their record carefully.  Start with the basics:

What Type of Attorney?

All attorneys have the same education, but not all have the same experience. Make sure that you find a criminal lawyer with experience handling cases of the type that you are involved in. Don’t make the mistaken impression that an attorney can handle any case – it’s simply not true. Criminal law is very different from family law, estate planning, etc.

How Many Years of Experience?

Of course you want an attorney with experience. It really matters how many years an attorney has been in practice. If he or she has less than a few years handling criminal cases, you may want to look for someone with more experience. You need an attorney that understands the specific of criminal law in New Jersey and is able to find loopholes that can be valuable in your defense.

Is there a Specialization?

Even within the category of criminal defense, you’ll find some attorneys that are more experienced handling some cases than others. Criminal law is a vast area – it can cover corporate crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, fraud, sex crimes, and more. When you hire a criminal defense attorney with the necessary experience to handle your case, you have someone with specialized knowledge to help you defend yourself and your rights.

What is Success Rate?

Everyone will win and lose cases, but you want an attorney that has a good average success rate winning criminal defense cases. Research your attorney’s background and success rate. Talk with references – clients that have worked with the attorney in the past.

Does the Attorney Respect Clients?

It sounds basic – find an attorney that respects you as a client. That means a client that respects your rights, your choices, and your integrity. That means an attorney that speaks with you, not down to you. Your attorney should involve you in decisions and discussions, it’s important that you take an active part in your defense.

A Lawrence, NJ criminal lawyer is an important first step in getting your life back on track. A criminal defense lawyer helps you understand the charges against you, craft a defense, and provide you with the guidance you need to face this difficult time