Drug Offense in NJThere’s one legal nightmare we all hope to avoid – being arrested for drug offenses. Unfortunately, you or someone you love may face these charges. You’ll find that if you are charged with a drug offense in New Jersey, you could be facing a very complex legal battle.

If you’ve been arrested for drug offenses in NJ, a criminal lawyer should be your first stop. There are many different charges, punishments and factors that go into the charging for drug crimes. There are several different charges that you may face, including the following:

Drug possession

This charge depends on the amount of the drug that you have in possession at the time of the arrest. It also depends on the type of drug you have at the time of the arrest. You could be arrested for possession of: Marijuana; drug paraphernalia (pipes, syringes, etc.); narcotic/controlled substances (heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines); or prescription drugs that are not legally prescribed to you by a physician.

Drug trafficking

A charge of drug trafficking is used when you are arrested with a large quantity of a controlled substances. If you have a significant amount of a controlled substance, the police assume that you intend to distribute/sell the excess drugs. You may be charged with drug possession with the intent to deliver or distribute.

If someone in your household is arrested for drug trafficking, there’s a possibility that you may face charges also. It’s entirely possible that you could be charged with maintaining a house where drugs are sold or kept or even money laundering.

The penalties for distribution and trafficking of drugs are quite severe. Some cases may even carry federal charges. If a child is charged with possession with the intent to distribute, there’s a possibility that the child could be charged as a minor, or as an adult in criminal court. If the child was arrested in a school zone, the offense becomes even more serious.

Call Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug charges often go hand-in-hand with a drug problem. With a good defense, you or a loved one can get the necessary help for the drug addiction. You don’t have to suffer the severe penalties for drug charges. Ewing, NJ criminal defense attorneys answer your question about drug charges, and help formulate a defense against these charges.

Good representation can make a difference in your life, especially if charged with drug possession and/or the intent to distribute. Remember to contact a criminal attorney immediately. Your attorney protects your interests – during the trial, but also at the time of the arrest. The advice of a New Jersey criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your life.