Attorney Sam Sachs discusses DWI Charge in New Jersey

Interviewer: Is there a typical type of person that you see that gets arrested for a DWI charge in New Jersey?

Attorney: No, actually I don’t think that there is really a typical person that gets arrested for DWI.

It really runs the gamut from teenagers to young adults who are just over twenty-one who maybe are still in college to older adults in their sixties and seventies. Most of them are first offenders. I don’t think there’s a typical person who gets one.

While Men Tend to Be Arrested for DWI More than Women, Both Genders Worry about the Consequences of a DWI Charge

Interviewer: How about men versus women? Do you see that they view a DWI arrest differently or does one group tend to get arrested more than the other?

New Jersey Does Not Offer Hardship Licenses

Attorney: I think men get arrested more than women, and, in terms of viewing it differently? No, I think everybody’s pretty worried about the consequences especially in New Jersey, which is a state that doesn’t have any hardship licenses that could be granted when a person’s license is suspended.

It’s also a state that has poor public transportation if you’re not in a city. Everybody is pretty concerned about losing their license, specifically, and less so about the consequences of having a DWI on your record, unless it will cause problems with their employment.

Loss of License Is the Most Common Concern after a DWI Charge

Interviewer: Out of possible jail time, driver’s license loss, all the things that could happen, what do you hear most often that people are most concerned about?

Attorney: They’re most concerned about the license loss. I hear again and again that they need their license to get to work. Without being able to drive a car they will lose their employment or how will they drive their children to school or to their after school activities? That’s far and away the biggest concern of people that are arrested.

“I Only Had 2 Beers…”

Interviewer: Is there a common back story that people tell you about how they got arrested? Like, “I only had two drinks; I was just driving home.” Is there any commonality there?

Attorney: There is certainly a commonality. There are a large number of people who will tell me that they were right around the corner from their house. My general response to that is it doesn’t matter. You could be leaving the bar and pulling out of the parking lot or pulling out of your friend’s house where you had a few drinks or you could be pulling into your driveway.

It doesn’t matter how close you are to home. You can still be arrested. That’s probably the thing I hear the most about how it happens. The other thing that they tell me most is that they were pulled over for weaving on the road.

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