Faced With A DWI
A Highstown, NJ Defense Attorney Can Provide The Legal Defense You Need
To Fight These Serious Charges

If you live in Highstown, New Jersey or the surrounding area, and you have been stopped for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you likely want to know more about how to fight a DWI in New Jersey.

Obviously, one of the most important steps you can take is to hire a Highstown, NJ defense attorney experienced in fighting DWI cases – and winning. This way, you can be sure the attorney you hire knows how to fight a DWI in New Jersey in the most effective manner possible.

After you hire a Highstown, NJ defense attorney, the DWI charges will be the first thing your attorney will analyze. He or she will take several initial steps to begin to fight the charges. These steps include…

  • Obtain copies of any videos, police reports, photographs or audiotapes that the police or prosecutor may have, which may require filing a motion with the court to have turned over as evidence.
  • File pretrial motions that may benefit your case, such as filing a motion to produce or a motion to suppress.
  • Assess your case and determine if it is best to pursue a plea bargain or go to trial.
  • Obtain a plea agreement, if this is the best route you and your attorney choose to take; then submit the plea to the judge.

For a DWI, your Highstown, NJ defense attorney may also suggest that you attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and obtain an alcohol evaluation to further help fight the charges. These steps can be a crucial aspect of how to fight a DWI in New Jersey because it demonstrates to the judge that you are willing to work on self-improvement.

In addition, if the case doesn’t go your way, taking these steps beforehand can help reduce the consequences you may face if you are indeed found guilty of a DWI in New Jersey.

Facing a DWI can be a frightening experience. New Jersey laws are strict and a guilty verdict can result in devastating consequences, including hefty fines — even jail time depending upon your individual situation.

Therefore, it is best to hire an experienced Highstown, NJ defense attorney with a proven history of knowing how to fight a DWI in New Jersey. You can have a better chance of avoiding a conviction, and keeping the consequences to a minimum if you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated in New Jersey.