This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding what kind of lawyer you should retain after being in an accident. Car or motorcycle accidents can be very scary and stressful for the people involved, especially if there are injuries that have occurred. It is important that you write down all that has happened. The more detailed that you can be the better. Write down what happened and at what time. You will want to list out witnesses if there were any. Be sure that you are able to get their personal information so you can give it to the lawyer if you need to.

Insurance Companies Can Cause Problems

Insurance companies are known to cause problems in car accidents, especially when there were injuries to a victim. Be sure that you get the other person’s insurance information so that you can give this to your lawyer for use in a court of law.

Q&A: “We are having problems with the other driver in the accident and with the insurance company. Should we get a lawyer?”

The Question: After an automobile accident, my boyfriend is now in the emergency room at the hospital. The vehicle that my boyfriend was in was a Chevy Suburban that withstood very little damage. The other car received quite a bit of damage to the trunk area. My boyfriend says he has pain in his neck, back, wrist and shoulder. According to my boyfriend, the other driver pulled in front of him and stopped. He would up running into her vehicle from behind. Is there legal help for us because we wonder if we might get some compensation for his medical bills?

Answer: Yes. You should definitely get a lawyer involved. A lawyer can compile the evidence and information and ward off problems that might accrue at a later time. It is time to find a lawyer right away to see if you can get any help for your boyfriend’s injuries and bills.

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