Choosing the Right Attorney for your DUI or Traffic Matter in NJ

The consequences of choosing the wrong attorney for a DUI or other traffic ticket can be devastating. Hiring an attorney with experience in New Jersey traffic law is absolutely imperative to receiving an effective defense. At the Samuel Louis Sachs LLC, our practice is strictly limited to defending these types of cases.

In 2006, Samuel Sachs was named Municipal Court Attorney of the Year by the New Jersey State Bar Association in recognition for his work on the New Jersey Supreme Court case, State v. Chun, which approved and regulates the use of the Alcotest?, the only instrument which can be used for breath tests in New Jersey.

Samuel Sachs has worked as a New Jersey municipal court judge, prosecutor, public defender, and now works exclusively as a defense attorney.

Mr. Sachs was named Municipal Court Attorney of the Year for 2006 by the New Jersey State Bar Association because of his work on State v. Chun (the Alcotest ? case) before the New Jersey Supreme Court.


Judge: 9 years in East Windsor ’89-’98
Acting Judge: in all Mercer County Municipalities ’89-’98
Prosecutor: 1 year in East Windsor ’88
Public Defender: 3 years in East Windsor ’84-’86

Samuel Sachs is a traffic attorney and a former Municipal Court Judge* successfully representing clients in all New Jersey Courts.

With nearly three decades of experience in New Jersey traffic ticket violations, the attorneys at the Samuel Louis Sachs LLC will gladly guide you through the complicated legal system. Our attorneys focus on assessing all aspects of your case in crafting your defense, even if you think that the State has sufficient evidence to convict you. With our strong reputation and record of success, we will give your DUI or traffic ticket case the attention it deserves. We will be relentless in preparing your defense.

NJ Traffic and DUI Defense

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