Here are the most commonly applied motor vehicle laws in the State of New Jersey:


39:1-1.     Words and Phrases Defined.

39:3-4.     Registration Required.

39:3-10.     Drivers license; necessity for; persons entitled to; examination; authority and duration; violation of section; punishment.

39:3-10a.     License restoration fee.

39:3-10b.     Probationary driver’s initial license.

39:3-10.13.     Blood alcohol limit; controlled substances.

39:3-10.15.     Notification of moving violations, disqualification or suspension.

39:3-10.18.     Possession of valid commercial driver license mandatory.

39:3-10.20.     Suspension of commercial motor vehicle driving privilege.

39:3-10.24.     Consent to breath examination; consequences of refusal.

39:3-11.      Drivers license with restrictions or conditions; violations; punishment.

39:3-12.      Illegal securing of driver’s license; punishment.

39:3-13.      Examination permits.

39:3-13.1.   Issuance of special learner’s permit.

39:3-13.2.   Scope and effect of special learner’s permit.

39:3-13.2a. Special learner’s permit; use, hours.

39:3-13.4.  Probationary driver’s license.

39:3-13.6.  Evaluation of graduated license program; report to Governor, Legislature.

39:3-13.8.  Fine for violations of special learner’s permit, examination permit, or probationary driver’s license.

39:3-16.  Authority of commissioner; suspension of touring privileges.

39:3-17.  Touring privileges of nonresident chauffeurs or drivers.

39:3-17.1.  Reciprocal driver license, registration of new residents’ vehicles required; violations, fines, impoundment.

39:3-19.  Annual registration fees.

39:3-19.1.     Penalty for violations of section 39:3-19.

39:3-29.     License, registration certificate and insurance indentification card exhibited on request; violation; fine.

39:3-33.     Markers; requirements concerning; display of fictitious or wrong numbers; punishment.

39:3-36.     Notice of change of address; penalty for failure.

39:3-37.     Falsifying application or examination; penalty; revocation of registration process.

39:3-37.1.     Unlawful loan of license, vehicle; penalty.

39:3-38.     Counterfeiting or using other markers prohibited; fine.

39:3-40.     Driving when license refused, suspended, revoked or prohibited; motor vehicle license revoked; punishment.

39:3-40.1.     Revocation of driver’s license for violation of 39:3-40.

39:3-40.3.     Impoundment of motor vehicles

39:3-47.     Certain acts forbidden.

39:3-36.     Maintenance of lamps, reflectors, etc.

39:3-74.     Windshields must be unobstructed and equipped with cleaners.

39:3-75.     Safety Glass.

39:3-76.2.     Sets of seat safety belts required.

39:3-76.2a.     Child passenger restraint system.

39:3-76.2d.     Penalty.

39:3-76.2f.     Use of seat belts.

39:3-76.2g.     Exceptions.

39:3-76.2j.     Fine.

39:4-32.     Crossing roadway; signals.

39:4-33.     Use of designated crosswalk.

39:4-34.     Pedestrians crossing roadways; crosswalks; walking on roadways.

39:4-36.     Driver to yield to pedestrian, exceptions; violations, penalties.

39:4-41.     Driving through safety zones prohibited.

39:4-46.     Commercial vehicles to display name and place of owner.

39:4-47.     Violations of article; fine.

39:4-48.     Operating or using motor vehicle without consent of owner; fine.

39:4-49.     Tampering with vehicle; fine.

39:4-49.1.     Operating with drugs in possession or in motor vehicle; penalty.

39:4-50.     Driving while intoxicated.

39:4-50.2.     Consent to taking of samples deemed giving.

39:4-50.4a.     Revocation of license for refusal to submit to chemical tests.

39:4-50.14.     Penalties for driving under the influence for drivers under the legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages.

39:4-50.15.     Additional penalty for driving under the influence with a minor as a passenger.

39:4-50.17.     Sentencing drunk driving offenders; device defined.

39:4-50.17a.   Monthly leasing fee for installation of ignition interlock device.

39:4-50.18.     DMV notation of interlock device installation.

39:4-50.19.     Violation of law; penalties.

39:4-51.     Sentence for violation of section 39:4-50 must be served; exception for work release or rehabilitation; writ of habeas corpus, proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ or appeal unaffected.

39:4-51a.     Consumption of alcoholic beverage by driver and by passenger prohibited.

39:4-51b.     Prohibition of possession of open, unsealed alcholic beverage container, circumstances.

39:4-52.     Racing on highway prohibited; fine.

39:4-53.     Leaving vehicle with engine running prohibited; fine.

39:4-56.     Delaying traffic prohibited.

39:4-56.1.     Willfully causing vehicle to be disabled; willful abandonment.

39:4-56.2.     Penalties.

39:4-56.3.     Suspension of registration by director of motor vehicles.

39:4-56.5.     Abandonment.

39:4-56.6.     Parking on private property without consent; removal of vehicle; costs.

39:4-56.7.     Issuance of summons for violation by law enforcement officer.

39:4-57.     Observance of directions of officers.

39:4-57.1.     Lighting of interior light required.

39:4-58.     Driving vehicle with view to rear and sides obstructed.

39:4-63.     Placing injurious substance on highway; fine.

39:4-64.     Throwing debris from vehicle.

39:4-66.     Emerging from alley, driveway or garage.

39:4-66.1.     Right of way on entering private road or driveway.

39:4-66.2.     Driving a vehicle on public or private property to avoid traffic signal or sign not permitted.

39:4-67.     Obstructing passage of other vehicles or street cars prohibited.

39:4-71.     Driving on Sidewalk.

39:4-75.     Driving overweight vehicles on intrastate bridges; fine; liability for damages to bridges.

39:4-76.     Driving overweight vehicles on interstate bridges; penalty; liability for damages; disposition of penalties.

39:4-77.     Loading so as to spill prohibited; rules and regulations penalty.

39:4-77.1.     Snow, ice dislodged from moving vehicle causing injury, property damage; penalties.

39:4-80.     Traffic control by officers.

39:4-80.1.     Penalty for failure to comply with school crossing.

39:4-81.     Observing traffic signals.

39:4-82.     Keeping to right.

39:4-82.1.     Two-roadway highways.

39:4-83.     Keeping to right at intersection; exception on one-way roadway.

39:4-84.     Passing to right when proceeding in opposite direction.

39:4-85.     Passing to left when overtaking; passing when in lines; signaling to pass.

39:4-85.1.     Designation of highways for one-way traffic; signs.

39:4-86.     Driving to left of center line when overtaking and passing vehicles; crossing “no passing” lines.

39:4-87.     Overtaken vehicle to give way.

39:4-88.     Traffic on marked lanes.

39:4-89.     Following; space between trucks.

39:4-90.     Right of way at intersections.

39:4-91.     Right of way of certain vehicles; liability of other drivers.

39:4-92.     Clearing for authorized emergency vehicle; following authorized emergency vehicle.

39:4-94.2.     Street closings; violation; penalty.

39:4-96.     Reckless driving; punishment.

39:4-97.     Careless driving.

39:4-97.1.     Impeding slow speed prohibited.

39:4-97.2.     Driving, operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner, offense created; fines.

39:4-97.3.     Use of hands-free wireless telephone in moving vehicle; definitions; enforcement.

39:4-97.4.     Inapplicability of act to certain officials.

39:4-97.5.     Supersedure, preemption of local ordinances.

39:4-98.     Rates of speed.

39:4-98.4.     Definitions.

39:4-98.5.     Establishment of eligble highways; notice; signs.

39:4-98.6.     Fines; signs; driver manual and motorist guide.

39:4-98.7.     Speeding 20 mph or more over the limit; fines, certain; doubled.

39:4-100.     Rate of speed across sidewalk.

39:4-115.     Making right or left turn.

39:4-116.     Special right or left turn.

39:4-122.     Signal by police whistle.

39:4-123.     Right and left turns.

39:4-124.     Method of turning at intersection; commissioner and local authorities may determine.

39:4-125.     Turning on curve, grade or place where view obstructed or state highway marked with “no U turn” sign.

39:4-126.     Signaling before starting, turning or stopping.

39:4-127.     Backing or turning in street.

39:4-128.1.     Must stop for school bus.

39:4-129.     Action in case of accident.

39:4-130.     Reports of accidents.

39:4-135.     Parking; direction and side of street; angle parking; one-way street.

39:4-136.     Parking on highway; removing vehicle; disabled vehicle.

39:4-138.     Places where parking prohibited; exceptions.

39:4-138.3.     Parking in front of private driveways.

39:4-144.     Stopping or yielding right of way before entering intersecting street.

39:4-203.     General penalty for violations of chapter.

39:4-215.     Penalties.

39:5-3.     Appearance, arrest process; complaint; venue.

39:6B-1.     Compulsory liability insurance; minimum coverage.

39:6B-2.     Violations; punishment.

39:8-1.     Inspection of registered motor vehicles require; inspectors; inspection stations.

39:8-4.     Repairs, etc., to be made.

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