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Finding a New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your NJ criminal case is crucial. The consequences of being convicted of a crime in NJ can be devastating, and can include jail, thousands of dollars in fines, suspension of your driving privileges, and even loss of employment.

With nearly three decades of experience with NJ criminal cases, the lawyers at SAMUEL LOUIS SACHS LLC will adeptly represent and defend you as your case progresses through the complicated criminal justice system. Our lawyers unyieldingly focus on assessing all relevant details of your case, especially if you think that the State has sufficient evidence to convict you. With our strong reputation and record of success, we will give your New Jersey criminal case the attention it deserves and will be relentless in preparing your defense

Facing Criminal Charges in New Jersey?

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Facing Criminal Charges in New Jersey?
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Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Without choosing the right NJ criminal defense attorney to represent you, the consequences could be devastating. You should know what skills and experience you are looking for in a lawyer before you hire a New Jersey criminal defense attorney. Hiring a lawyer with experience defending criminal cases in Municipal Courts and Superior Courts is absolutely imperative to getting an effective defense in these forums.

At SAMUEL LOUIS SACHS LLC, our practice is strictly limited to defending criminal cases and serious traffic matters in Municipal and Superior Courts.

The lawyers at SAMUEL LOUIS SACHS LLC, as successful NJ attorneys, know that cases are won by extensive pre-court preparation and experienced courtroom performance. Whether it is discussing the facts of the case with the prosecutor in the light most favorable to the defendant, working out a plea bargain, or trying a case, a successful NJ criminal defense requires an experienced professional.

As a NJ criminal defense attorney, Samuel Sachs is always practical and forthright in his analysis of your case. For an effective defense, rely on our experience.