Being arrested for a criminal action is always difficult. But if you face charges for endangering a minor, a NJ criminal lawyer is essential. Endangering a minor is a serious charge that is unique from other criminal charges. Not only will you be charged and judged in court, but these charges could lead to judgment by members of your community. You have to defend yourself – with the help of a criminal attorney.

Endangering a minor in NJ could result from a number of situations. These situations include the following:

  • Engaging in prohibited sexual acts with the child – includes sexual intercourse, masturbation, sadism, or anal intercourse.
  • Permitting a child to engage in sexual acts in order to be photographed or filmed.
  • Photographing or filming a child engaged in sexual activity
  • Distributing photographs or films involving children engaging in sexual acts
  • Possessing photographs or films of children engaged in sexual acts.

These charges are incredibly serious. When you’ve been charged with these actions, you need to find a criminal attorney that is experienced with defense of endangering a minor. You could face prison time, loss of parental privileges, forced registration as a sex offender, and more. These penalties affect your life long-term. It’s almost difficult to predict or believe how far-reaching the penalties for this conviction could be.

A conviction for these charges will even affect those nearest you. It certainly affects your access to minors – could affect your ability to see your children or grandchildren. It could even result in being forced to move out of your family home – because you cannot live close to a school or day-care center.

Contact Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s essential to work with a criminal defense attorney. A defense attorney can help you understand the severity of these charges and the ramifications for you and your family. Don’t forget, it’s important to call your criminal defense attorney as soon as arrested. Your attorney protects your rights from the time of your arrest to you trial.

It may be uncomfortable to be charged with this crime. But that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore these charges and hope they will be reduced or swept under the rug. These charges have such severe consequences – some that will affect the rest of your life – it’s essential to have good representation. A Princeton, NJ criminal lawyer will help you defend yourself and protect you and your family from very serious allegations and charges. Ultimately, with the right help you can get your life back on track.