Top 20 Questions and Answers (FAQs)

The following are common questions we receive about criminal charges. They are general questions and do not focus on specific charges and as such, answers might not apply to your particular case.

Please call us to discuss your specific case.

  1. Does Hiring an Aggressive Attorney Serve The Client’s Interest In New Jersey?
  2. Why Do Attorneys Persist On Retaining An Aggressive Fighting Stance In New Jersey?
  3. Are There More Hardened Criminals Or First-Time Offenders In New Jersey?
  4. Do The Municipal Judges Give The Police The Authority To Set Bail In New Jersey?
  5. How Hard Is It To Qualify For A Public Defender In New Jersey?
  6. Misconceptions About Fighting For Criminals As A Lawyer In New Jersey.
  7. How To Handle The Police Probe In A Criminal Charge In New Jersey?
  8. Should Cost Be A Factor When Hiring An Attorney For A Criminal Case In New Jersey?
  9. How Do Miranda Rights Work In New Jersey?
  10. Do The Police Exonerate You When They Interview You In A Criminal Case In New Jersey?
  11. Don’t Public Defenders Have Heavy Case Loads In New Jersey?
  12. Is Pleading Guilty A Good Idea In New Jersey?
  13. Should You Choose A Public Defender For A Criminal Case in New Jersey?
  14. What Might Happen If You Choose An Attorney Based Solely On Price In New Jersey?
  15. How To Handle The Situation When You’re Approached By The Police In New Jersey?
  16. What If The Police Pressures You To Give A Statement In New Jersey?
  17. First Time Offenders Facing Criminal Charges In New Jersey.
  18. How Often A Prosecutor Offers A Deal In A Criminal Case In New Jersey?
  19. You Don’t Get To Choose If You’re Appointed A Public Defender In New Jersey.
  20. Do You Help First Time Offenders With More Interest?