The consequences of being convicted of a traffic offense in New Jersey go beyond the fine and the inconvenience. An excessive number of traffic tickets on your license and the associated points can lead to a suspension of your license by the Motor Vehicle Commission. In addition, many traffic offenses carry a license suspension that can (or must be imposed) by the Court.

Other traffic offenses can include and/or require jail time. Further, New Jersey insurance rates are profoundly affected by your driving record, and if you have a bad driving record, it may become extremely expensive or difficult to obtain insurance.

In most cases, an experienced traffic lawyer can limit the consequences of the offenses you are charged with. Through careful scrutiny of the evidence to determine if the State can prove their case against you, and through skillful negotiation of plea bargains, costly collateral consequences, in many cases, can be minimized or totally avoided. Further, if you have committed an offense, and plead guilty or are convicted of an offense that requires jail time, it is possible for an attorney to negotiate alternative ways of serving that jail time rather than incarceration.

The key to successful representation on a traffic matter is hiring a lawyer who is totally familiar with practices and procedures in Municipal Court and also with the laws and customs pertaining to the prosecution of these cases.

The practice of our office is strictly limited to motor vehicle and criminal matters and because of such focus and our experience; we have a strong track record of limiting consequences of traffic offenses.