Fight Your NJ Moving Violation Traffic Ticket With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney


Did you know that it is possible to beat traffic tickets in Lawrence, NJ? Whether you are facing a NJ traffic ticket for a moving violation or any other ticket, hiring a NJ traffic ticket attorney can help you fight the ticket and avoid paying hefty fines.

Are you worried about losing your license or jail?

Available to represent you in all New Jersey Courts.

With the help of a NJ traffic ticket attorney, you can reap the following benefits when you get those traffic tickets in Lawrence, NJ dropped…

  • Avoid paying hefty fines
  • Keep points from being added to your driving record
  • Prevent getting your license suspended
  • Stop increases in your insurance rates

There are many negative side effects to getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey. You might think that you can simply pay for that ticket and forget about it, but the possible long term effects of getting a traffic ticket can result in even more problems later.

Fight your NJ traffic ticket for a moving violation with the help of a skilled and experienced attorney!

Sam Sachs can help you beat those traffic tickets in Lawrence, NJ! Leverage his years of experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor and municipal court judge to fight to get the ticket removed from your record.

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