photo_istockphoto_778164-arrest-4The consequences of committing a criminal offense can be devastating almost instantly and throughout the balance of your life. The criminal justice system is complex, and navigation through it without a competent lawyer who specializes in criminal law looking after your interests is treacherous. Most defendants look at what they are charged with from a perspective of what they have or have not done.

A Competent Criminal Lawyer Doesn’t Focus On What A Defendant Did, But Rather What The State Can Prove.

By scrutinizing the State’s evidence, it can be determined whether the State likely can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and obtain a conviction. This coupled with experience in plea bargains can often lead to a far better result than a defendant initially expects or one a defendant can achieve if they are unrepresented. Through familiarity with the criminal process and procedures, and the criminal statutes, an experienced practitioner can best represent the client.

Our office has limited its practice to criminal matters in Superior and Municipal Courts, and to motor vehicle matters. As a result, our focus is on these areas alone and has produced a track record of minimizing consequences for our clients.