FAIRVIEW, New Jersey – Cameras assist in coping with the increased crime rate in New Jersey, so they are installed in a lot of places and they are controlled remotely.

An attentive and focused police sergeant helps in catching the suspect by monitoring different places through these cameras. When the cop observes any suspicious activity, like an individual wandering around a vehicle, he sends the cops to investigate what’s wrong with the individual.

A camera made it possible to take a suspect into custody as he was attempting to steal expensive items from a vehicle that was not locked.

Chief Martin Khan, Fairview Police Department said, “He was working on the car, looking in, lifting door handles, so we called dispatch and we actually caught him while he was still on scene.”

There have been many similar crimes in New Jersey and surrounding areas, so cameras need to be installed to keep check on suspicious activities.

Authorities have advised individuals to check their car lock before leaving the vehicle.

He added, “A lot of times, believe it or not, you wouldn’t even know that your car was broken into because they might have only taken change, or an iPod in the glove box. You might not even notice it until a day or two later.”

The cops always remain alert to observe and stop any suspicious activity.

A camera assisted in taking a suspect into custody whose name was Frank Redwood. He was waiting for a perfect moment to steal valuables from a vehicle.

“You know it’s a crime of opportunity, unlocked doors, so you know we try to put messages out to the residents, like, Hey, lock your doors,” added Chief Khan.

19 cameras are already installed in the town of Fairview. They all are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: www.abc7ny.com