39:3-10b     Applications for motorcycle license.

An applicant for a motorcycle license, but not for a motorcycle endorsement to a basic license, who previously has never been licensed to drive a motor vehicle in this, or any other state, shall, during the permit period, be subject to the applicable restrictions and penalties for examination permit holders as provided under R.S.39:3-13. Until the provisions of P.L.1998, c.108, as amended by P.L.2001, c.420, are fully implemented, all holders of permits issued pursuant to R.S.39:3-13 and section 6 of P.L.1977, c.25 (C.39:3-13.2a) shall be subject to a probationary driver program for the two-year period immediately following the issuance of the permits. This two-year period shall not be altered if the permit holder obtains a probationary driver’s license pursuant to section 4 of P.L.1950, c.127 (C.39:3-13.4). All holders of permits issued on or after the date of full implementation of P.L.1998, c.108, as amended by P.L.2001, c.420, shall not be subject to this section.

L.1977, c.23, s.1; amended 1998, c.108, s.2; 2001, c.420, s.4; 2009, c.38, s.2.

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