39:3-76.2g      Exceptions to seat belt usage requirements.

This act shall not apply to a driver or front seat passenger of:

a.     A passenger automobile manufactured before July 1, 1966;

b.     A passenger automobile in which the driver or passenger possesses a written verification from a licensed physician that the driver or passenger is unable to wear a safety seat belt system for physical or medical reasons;

c.     A passenger automobile which is not required to be equipped with a safety seat belt system under federal law;

d.     A passenger automobile operated by a rural letter carrier of the United States Postal Service while performing the duties of a rural letter carrier; or

e.     A passenger automobile which was originally constructed with fewer safety seat belt systems than are necessary to allow the passenger to be buckled.

L.1984,c.179,s.3; amended 1999, c.422, s.2.

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