39:4-64 Highway littering ban

a.     No person shall throw or drop any bundle, object, article or debris of any nature from a vehicle whether in motion or not when such vehicle is on a highway. The words “object, article or debris of any nature” as used in this section shall be deemed to include a cigarette, cigar, match, or ashes, or any substance or thing in and of itself likely to cause or fuel a fire, but such inclusion shall not be deemed to in any way limit the generality of the words “object, article or debris of any nature.” Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200 or more than $1,000 for each offense.

b.     There shall be a rebuttable presumption that the registered owner of the vehicle, if present in the vehicle, or, in his absence, the driver of the vehicle, is presumed to be responsible for any violation of this section, if:

(1)     A bundle, object, article or debris of any nature is thrown or dropped from the vehicle by an occupant of the vehicle;

(2)     There are two or more occupants in the vehicle; and

(3)     It cannot be determined which occupant of the vehicle is the violator.

Amended 1954,c.37; 1975,c.154,s.1; 1981,c.143,s.1; 1983,c.346,s.1.; 1992,c.171,s.1.

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